Pozzo della Cava

pozzo della cava di orvieto

This is a recently discovered Etruscan well located in a residence on Via della Cava. This hand dug well  is 36 meters deep (over 118 feet) and consists of two parts merged: the first larger one, has a circular cross section with an average diameter of 3.4 meters. The second smaller one, has a rectangular section of 60cm x 80cm sides and has the typical Etruscan “pedarole,” the point marked on the side walls to allow the descent and ascent.

Inside the structure there’s also possible to admire a part of old kiln with an exposition of medieval ceramics and renaissance majolicas.

Throughout the year the well is open, and during the Christmas period it hosts a Nativity seen “The Nativity in the Well” that changes every year: a traditional and charming depiction of the Nativity with mechanized characters and suggestive settings.

Info & Contacts

Open every day  8:00am – 8:00pm


Tel: (+39) 0763.342373

Ticket: Euro 4,00
Free for children 0-5 years old
Pets not allowed



Near Pozzo della Cava

  • S.Andrea church (120 mt)
  • Palazzo Comunale (100 mt)
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