Orvieto Parking

Orvieto, due to its characteristic of historical center on the top of  its picturesque cliff plateau, provides certain and specific areas for parking. Part of the city center is a limited traffic zone (called locally ZTL) or pedestrian only, therefore it is convenient to park your vehicle in dedicated areas. There are 3 main car parks in Orvieto, that of the Orvieto Scalo, free for cars (Piazza della Pace, also known as parcheggio della funicolare) and those of Via Roma and Campo della Fiera (paid parkings) in the city center.

Orvieto Cars Parking

There are several visitor parking options in the center of Orvieto: street parking and public parking lots.

Street Parking
Visitor street parking spots in Orvieto are outlined with blue lines. These spots are “pay parking only” and the rate is €1.50 per hour (rates are subject to change and may vary by area).

Parking Lots
Here is a list of the main parking lots in Orvieto. You must pay at the grey parking ticket machines and they are usually located on the side of the parking lots.

Campo della Fiera – ex Foro Boario  – This parking lot is located near the old Medieval Aqueduct and is one of the largest parking areas in the city. The lot can be accessed from the Strada Statale or the Umbro-Casentinese Conce road. This parking area has garage with direct access to the city center by elevator, escalator or stairs located at the path, or Via Ripa Medici. Both methods lead to the side of Orvieto near Piazza della Repubblica.  The elevator Ripa Medici is free and open from 7.00am until 2:00am while the escalators are open from 7.00am until 9:00pm. The parking fee of campo della Fiera is €1.50/hour.

Via Roma Parking – In front of the former barracks there is a large covered pay parking lot.

Piazza Marconi – Piazza Marconi has many visitor parking spaces and is located directly behind Piazza Duomo, Piazza XXIX Marzo and Piazza del Popolo. This parking lot has a mix of visitor and resident parking so be sure to only park in spaces outlined in blue. The visitor parking is €1.50/hour, rates are subject to change and may vary per lot).

Piazza Cahen – This parking lot has a mix of free and payment parking. The visitor parking €1.50/hour, rates are subject to change and may vary per lot.

Parking areas for tourist buses

Tourist buses can park in Piazza della Pace (Orvieto scalo) a large square below the train station equipped with restrooms, coffee bar, luggage storage service, info point, funicular tickets and Carta Unica city card. The city center can be reached by the funicular (about 2 minutes and half) or by urban bus. The parking is for free for cars.

Another place to park tourist buses is at “Piazza d’Armi” at the Caserma Piave. 

In this case reservation and municipal authorization are required. The request for the authorization should be received at least 5 days before the established arrival. Read more below the requirements to get the permission.

Rules and regulations for tourist buses

1) Parking lot of Piazza della Pace, in Orvieto Scalo (under the train station, equipped area with restrooms, tourist info-point and tickets office, cafeteria, store luggage service).

This large parking is always avaukabke and NO booking or authorization are required. Daily fee for each bus is € 45.00

2) Parking lot of Orvieto center at Piazza d’Armi at Caserma Piave.

 It is always NECESSARY to have previously requested authorization

In order to get the authorization to ascend and park in the Orvieto center, the customers must have booked hotel, restaurant or local guide service. Without one of these 3 elements it is not possible to have the permission).

2a) Daily fee for each authorized bus is € 45.00

2b) parking fee for max. 4 hours for each authorized bus is € 25,00

3) loading and unloading . It is always NECESSARY to have previously requested authorization

Buses with relevant permit who have booked accommodations, restaurants or local tour guide services can also take advantage of the special permit loading and unloading of passengers at the points below:

  • Caserma Piave
  • On the Side lane of the parking lot of Campo della Fiera – ex Foro Boario

The operation of loading and unloading can not last more than 20 minutes, each bus can perform a single operation of ascent and descent its passengers.

The cost of this permission is €10.00 per day, and in this case it is also allowed parking behind the train station  in Piazzale della Pace.

Reservations and information:

  • Office Parking City of Orvieto (from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 1:30pm)
  • Phone: (+39) 0763.306215
  • E-mail: parcheggi@comune.orvieto.tr.it