Reasons to Visit Orvieto

Consider just a few reasons why you should visit Orvieto…

Orvieto a typical Umbrian hill-town rich in nature and landscapes offering breathtaking panoramic views. From its cliff, the city stands as a large island of tufa above the valley of the Paglia and Chiani rivers, with a background of green Umbrian hills and the peak of Mount Peglia. Orvieto offers the beautiful Umbrian countryside with nature, […]

Located west of Umbria, in the border area between lower Tuscany and upper Lazio, Orvieto is easily reachable both by car having its own highway exit on the A1 between Rome and Florence, and by train, its train station allows numerous connections from Rome , Florence and other important Italian cities. From the station go […]

Orvieto is a city that hosts a variety of great events and festivals all year long. In particular, food and wine, culture and religion have always been subjects related to the most important annual events that take place in Orvieto. Spring is a period of religious celebrations, including the “Palombella” (Pentecost) and the feast of Corpus Domini, […]

The long tradition and history of Orvieto is not visible only in its monuments, but also in its modern way of life. For this reason today it is still possible to find local cuisine and food prepared with local ingredients from the area, like wine and olive oil and typical dishes, some of which have been passed down through many […]

Orvieto boasts a great patrimony of art and history. The city has ancient origins and was the important Etruscan city (Velzna) with evidence of this period in the city center  with the Necropolis and Temple of Belvedere, and just outside the city the Etruscan Tombs of Hescanas and Golini, and archaeological area of Campo della Fiera. Orvieto was […]

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