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Orvietoviva.com is your travel and information web guide to the city of Orvieto and its surrounding towns that are located in the Umbria region – The Green Heart of Italy. Orvietoviva.com was founded with the intent of presenting the city of Orvieto and all it has to offer in one convenient location.

Orvieto is a city with significant cultural heritage, fascinating traditions and an exciting life-style. Orvietoviva provides tourist information, things to do, guided tours, walking tours, suggested itineraries and a large list of accommodations, restaurants, typical trattorias, artisan shop.

Discover this medieval umbrian city, its world famous “wonders”: the tufa outcrop, the Duomo and the Saint Patrick’s Well and the whole ancient town center filled with narrow streets, beautiful churches, historic palace and the suggestive underground life: a maze of tunnels and caves.

And beside the historic center it is no less interesting the surroundings of Orvieto, a large area lying between the borders of Lazio and Tuscany regions  alternating green hills cultivated with olive trees and vineyards with other mountainous areas. Just a few distances from Orvieto, in fact you will find fascinating villages and natural beauties, unusual places and protected areas. One the most visited places around Orvieto are the village of Civita di Bagnoregio and Bolsena.

There are some good reasons to visit and discover Orvieto: history, art, food, wine….
Browse the website to know the city and stay up to date on events and what to do and see in Orvieto. Find restaurants, hotels, experiences for your visit to Orvieto. Ask our staff for advice or information.

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Scopri Il Duomo di Orvieto

la stupenda cattedrale per anni custode del reliquiario del Corporale, del Miracolo Eucaristico di Bolsena
racchiude al suo interno due grandi tesori dell'arte:
Il gruppo scultoreo dell'Annunciazione di Francesco Mochi, prima scultura barocca della storia,
ed il ciclo di affreschi del Giudizio Universale di Luca Signorelli che fu di ispirazione per Michelangelo nella realizzazione degli affreschi della celebre Cappella Sistina.

Ogni Sabato, DUOMO TOUR, Visita guidata in lingua italiana, partenza ore 14.00 da Piazza Duomo. Maggiori informazioni: www.teseotur.com/tour/duomo-tour-visita-guidata/
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